Issue: Office Apps Hang When Opening, Saving or Browsing

Affected Apps: Word and other Office apps - Excel, Power Point, etc.

Symptom: When attemping essentially any file level activity, Open, Save, Browse, Copy - Word will hang - the waiting cursor appears and never goes away. When user forces close, or presumably when the program ultimately times out, the error that presents is as shown here (or similar): 

Description / Details - There is a known issue with Malwarebytes (Antivirus) versions older than 3.1.2 that will cause Word and other Office Apps to hang when any attempt to Save, Open New, Browse or Copy a file.


Perform an update on Malwarebytes to the latest version or, if that does not result in an install version newer than 3.1.2, then download and install the latest version ensuring that it is 3.1.2 or later by going to Malwarebytes and downloading If you you dont have a valid license you'll need to acquire one. 

Alternate Solution
SInce this issue is specific to Malwarebytes, uninstalling it would likely resolve it as well. However, do not go that route until you have a viable antivirus replacement.